Guidance in a proper, balanced lifestyle and improving nutritional behavior, based on the Mediterranean diet.

Today’s living conditions in cities lead to a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits (fast and junk food) that result in obesity, the spread of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and, in general, help reduce quality and life expectancy.
Nevertheless, with the right diet model and mild exercise on a daily basis, it is feasible to avoid the bad habits of “culture” that we have been addicted to and to greatly improve our quality of life.
Through a variety of clinical and epidemiological studies, the important role of the Mediterranean diet in protecting health and preventing pathogens such as type-B diabetes and cardiovascular diseases has been recognized.
(For example, studies have shown a 60% reduction in the likelihood of type 2 diabetes mellitus in people living in the Mediterranean diet).
With its abundant fiber, minimally processed products, proper meal ratio and the use of pure olive oil, the Mediterranean diet serves as a valuable shield to our health.
It is easy to eat healthy, it is right to live healthy.

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