The TANITA MC-780 is a high-precision multi-mode Body Composition Analyzer, which applies three frequencies for body, whole body and part analysis.

More specifically, the TANITA MC-780 is using bioelectric conductivity
and calculates with precision:
• Fat% (Percentage% of total body fat)
• Fat in kg (The total fat in kilos, the actual body weight.)
• Unbound mass in kg (The rest of body except fat in kg)
• Muscle mass in kg (The weight of total body muscles in kilograms)
• Total body fluids (% & kg)
• Extracellular fluid / Intracellular fluid (Percentage of body fluids in / out of cells)
• Extracellular fluid / Intracellular fluid ratio (Indication of proper hydration, fluid retention, edema)
• Body Mass Index (International Scientific Criterion of Obesity)
• Bone Mass (The weight of the skeleton)
• Visceral fat (The fat around the vital organs in the core of the body)
• Basic Metabolic Rate (The minimum amount of energy the body exits in a resting state)
• Metabolic Age (The actual age of the body)
• Body fat distribution (How fat is distributed within the body)
• Muscle mass balance
• Segmental analysis for each lower and upper limb and trunk: Fat percentage and Muscle mass kg
A full body composition analysis is performed at less than 30 ”.
• Measurement in pregnant women and women is not advisable during menstruation due to unreliable measurements in the above cases.
• It is forbidden to measure people with a pacemaker or other mechanical implants.

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